Appster Technology Pte Ltd was established in recent 2016 by Mr. Wang Kun Cheng and Mr. Elvis Chia with a simple purpose of being innovative and comprehensive on mobile apps from programming own apps, developing, marketing to design and increase recognition. Appster sees the tremendous improvement in technology and users are moving away from the browser-based “Web” environment into the mobile app-centric world. It’s no secret that the web presents a huge opportunity for companies all over the world. Developing an app that is designed drastically improves user experience and demonstrates that your business is moving forward and responding to consumer demand. Appster does not only assist in companies, Appster motive is to let mobile apps do everything for you and save all hassle from moving!



Who we are

We program our very own apps to all kind of spectrum like games, e-Commerce, travelling, food, transport and any other daily necessities that you requires.

We are a full-stack apps development company specializing in marketing, digital market, web development and design.

We are passionate programmers and challenge takers providing you innovative, world class mobile and web design development services.

We actively looking forward to future partnerships with potential tech companies to raise its profile and pave the way into new digital markets.

We are passionate in pursuing the cutting edge of mobile apps, producing only the most appealing and functional user experience.

We set out to refresh and redefine the apps development and digital marketing trends with a different brand story

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